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Our Organic Maracuja + Calendula Oil is unique in that it is a direct infusion. There are no "middle-man" ingredients, so you know you are getting the concentrated benefit of two powerful plants, nothing else. 


It is also uniquely NOT deodorized. Just as many actives give plants their color, they also give plants their fragrance. So, while we tend to prefer unscented skincare, we opted to maintain the original integrity of the oil. It has a distinct scent of passion fruit with subtle bottom notes of fresh hay from the calendula. The scent dissipates rather quickly. Rest assured there are no fragrances added.


Maracuja (Passion Fruit) Oil is power packed with actives, yet extremely gentle, making it a great option for even highly sensitive skin. Calendula* soothes skin that is irritated, reducing inflammation and reinforcing skin repair.


The Natural by Julia Joseph™ Maracuja + Calendula Oil:

• Penetrates the epidermis for maximum efficacy.

• Has excellent anti-oxidant activity, scavanging free radicals to prevent and repair skin damage.

• Contains vitamins A & C which heal UV damage, brighten skin and keep it supple.

• Has a high level of anti-inflammatories that calm skin down and reduce redness.

• Has a remarkably high linoleic acid content which helps to balance and correct acne prone skin (most acne prone skin is found to be deficient in this essential fatty acid).

• Contains a specific essential fatty acid ratio that moisurizes without clogging pores and balances sebum, making it excellent for both dry and oily skin types.

• Absorbs quickly, leaving skin with a beautiful glow that is never greasy. 


*Calendula is in the aster family of plants. In very rare instances of extreme ragweed allergies, skin rash can occur from topical use. If you suffer from severe ragweed allergies, please test a patch of skin before using a full application, or if you would like to purchase our pure, undeodorized Organic Maracuja Oil, please contact us and we will be more than happy to arrange it!

100% Organic Maracuja + Calendula Oil

  • 100% Organic Maracuja Oil infused with Whole Organic Calendula Flowers.

For shipping to regions outside the U.S. please send us an email with your preferred mailing address and we will gladly set it up.

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